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Awesome naked pictures of Julia Stiles

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

These fake pictures sure have a knack at placing naked celebrities in weird, often psychedelic settings, huh? I can just picture their department meeting. “Sure we can make them look like they’re naked in bed with our mad photoshopping talents, but why do that when they can be naked while beside the AWESOMENESS OF AN ERUPTING VOLCANO WITH LAVA?? Do I hear a yay, team?!?” That’s the overimaginative CEO speaking, to which his photoshopping peons glumly obey their boss’ fucked up ideas and look for stock photos of a volcano erupting, and add a dash of seashell in the picture so it meets the standard quota for weird in fake pictures. They’re then sent out into the world via the internet, but not before excessively thick, psychedelic borders are added and the celebrity’s name is slapped on to it in loopy typefaces, which makes a perfectly classy and well-made fake picture look like the poster for some lewd double bill flick in the 80s.

But would you really ruin your day with these excusable flavorings surrounding the main attraction, which is a naked body manipulated to look like your favorite celebrity? Of course you wouldn’t, you’re a guy. What’s a little dash of glitter and exploding mountains when there’s a perfectly good set of tits and a pussy to cancel it out? And a pussy attached to a celeb like Julia Stiles, no less. I guess the dude behind patching together these freaky backdrops was just banking on the idea that some guy out there might have an overly complicated sexual fetish involving crustaceans and falling soot while in the throes of fucking. Are there even, like, companies behind these awesome, naked pictures of Julia Stiles, if I may ask? Or is it just one greasy-faced guy working in the basement for hours on end, with the weird add-ons on the pictures his only means of escape from a dull day’s work of sticking celebrity heads on to naked bodies? He’s probably desensitized by all of it now, I suppose, but we’re lucky we’re the guys in the receiving end, and we’ll never get sick of tits, pussy, and all the fucking in between, am I right?

Julia Stiles should be naked

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

I never gave thought whether Julia Stiles could make up for not being too pretty by Hollywood standards by showing what she’s got when naked. She’s no whiz in landing smart movie choices, especially not when she can give herself an excuse to get naked. There is this film of hers which sees her naked in bed, but I won’t even bother posting stills of it, since the covers are tugged right up her collarbone, which is the most ripped off you could get at a movie that plays around with the idea of a bed scene. Also, it’s a creepy movie with William H. Macy in it as a pedophile, so no. So all in all, the chances of us seeing Julia Stiles pop her tits in a movie is nil. It’s a sad world we live in when one more celebrity chick comes out with the sensibility and propriety of a Puritan. Feels just like the day Santa ceased to exist in our consciousness. Sigh.

But even if we can’t change Julia Stiles’ mind, we can still force her body to do it, with these awesome fake, but still incredibly hot and incredibly naked pictures of her. See, Julia, you actually look good–better, even–when your tits are hanging out, given that you actually have the same cup size as the unfortunate lady person who had her head scratched off of the picture for your convenience. Perhaps, the second picture mimics your figure better? Suppler tits, more suitable for playful grappling and not intense tit-fucking that a triple D could afford a horny dude? Pussy-wise, I know you’re still quite tight around that area, and I know just the guys who can do a bang-up job, if you catch me, of splitting you open and staining your virginity, quite literally, with cum. Actually, it’s you guys who I was thinking of tearing open Julia’s pussy flap, so if you could just head over to Julia Stiles’ naked pussy and titty pictures and get started?

Julia Stiles is one talented pussy spreader

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Julia Stiles sure has some equally classy and trashy movie choices. On one side, she’s got the Shakespeare adaptations rolling out, and on the other, dumb chick flicks. But in all fairness, her chick flicks are actually modern adaptations of even more Shakespeare plays. What does she see in the English playwright anyway? Does she have a thing for dead, effeminate wordsmiths? Or do those jester ruffles make her want to rub her clit? It’s a silly proposition, but it’s the perfect intro for my main argument: Julia Stiles getting into her nasty side on with these hot, naked pussy pictures. How that even relates to what I just said previously, I have no fucking clue. I’m just hungry, dude. The delivery guy came too fucking late.

So, while I’m waiting for my lunch to be sorted out, here’s Julia Stiles making sure the camera’s focusing on her Shakespeare-humping pussy. I could do with a couple of these for lunch, and another bushy substitute for dessert. I’m sure Julia’s pussy wants to do some eating too, to which my cock so readily responds. I didn’t really think Julia Stiles was too pretty to begin with, but after seeing these hot, fake naked pictures of her, my perverted theories have been materialized into an actually fuckable chick with a fetish for pussy spreading and iambic pentameters. The latter being a crudely disguised alias for cock, all for keeping the theme of the post. If you guys are starting to get sick of Julia reading verse upon verse of painfully mellifluous BS a la Shakespeare, just stick your cock in her pussy to shut her up.